The closest to the Beloved of Allah ﷺ

‘The closest of you to me on the Date of Resurrection in any place will be those who sent the most blessings upon me in this world. Whoever sends blessings upon me on the day of Friday and the night of Friday one hundred times, Allah will (grant him) one hundred needs of his, seventy of his needs in the Hereafter and thirty of his needs in this world.

Then Allah will appoint an angel who will present them in my grave as one of you brings a gift. He will tell me who sends blessings upon me, his name, his lineage and his tribe, and I shall record it with me on a white sheet.’

-Shu’ab al Iman, Imam Bayhaqi and others

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  • Muhammad Ali
    Posted 16 March 2022 15:29 3Likes

    SubhanAllah beautiful

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