The Noble Messenger of Allah salAllahu alayhi wa Aalihi wassallam ﷺ said:

 مَنْ قَالَ حِينَ يُمْسِي رَضِيتُ بِاللهِ رَبًّا وَبِالإِسْلاَمِ دِينًا وَبِمُحَمَّدٍ نَبِيًّا كَانَ حَقًّا عَلَى اللهِ أَنْ يُرْضِيَهُ

‘Whoever says when he reaches the evening: “I am pleased with Allah as (my) Lord, with Islam as (my) religion, and with (Sayyidina) Muhammad (ﷺ) as (my) Prophet, it is a duty upon Allah to make him pleased (ie: accept his prayers/bless him).’ – Jami` al-Tirmidhi 3389



  • Waqa r
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  • Luqmaan
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  • Zahid
    Posted 19 December 2020 06:39 1Likes

    SubhanAllah, Ya Rab !!

  • Adham
    Posted 18 December 2020 23:22 1Likes


    • Usman
      Posted 19 December 2020 03:03 1Likes

      SubhanAllah MashaAllah Allah swt and His Beloved ﷺ are so Kareem.

  • Ahmad
    Posted 18 December 2020 19:39 2Likes

    SubhanAllah ❤

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