Our Qaidah classes are one of the best classes available in Birmingham. We have dedicated teachers who teach the Qaidah with excellent Tajweed, the articulation and rules to students from the beginning. Our classes are based on abilities and ages groups and we carefully place students into the appropriate class for their age and ability.

We understand that some students may progress slower than others, however, unlike others, we at Dar al Zahra ensure we give 100% to each student in order to help them reach their full potential in learning the Quran.

The Qaidah is the most important part of learning the Qur’an, for if the beginning is learnt correctly, this will stay with the child for the rest of his life and reciting the Quran with the correct pronunciation will become easy for them.


Once a student has completed his Qaidah, he is then tested on it and if the teacher feels they have learnt the Qaidah adequately, they will then move onto the Qur’an starting with from Juz A’mma (30th Juz) and then once this is completed they begin from the 1st Juz.

We start them on the 30th Juz because students find it easier to recite after finishing the Qaidah.

Quran Hifz

Our Quran Hifz/hifdh class is alhamdulilah in full flow and this year 2020 we have had 2 Hufaaz complete their hifdh. For more information please visit the hifz page from the top menu.

All students are taught the 30th Juz by heart (memorisation) regardless of whether they are doing hifdh or not.

Islamic Studies

We have a set syllabus which is followed teaching children basic Fiqh, Aqeedah, Seerah and Hadith.


We have a range of Sunnah duas that are taught to students as part of the Islamic Studies course, some of them are listed below:

Dua Before Entering The Toilet

Dua Leaving The Toilet Dua

Before Going To Sleep

Dua After waking Up

Dua When Entering The Masjid

Dua When Leaving

The Masjid Dua Before Eating And Drinking

Dua If You Forgot To Read Before Eating

Dua After You Have Finished Eating

Dua After Drinking Milk

Dua When Leaving Home

Dua When Seeing Someone Smile

Dua When When Entering The Home

Dua When Wearing New Clothes

Dua When Visiting The Sick

Dua When Visiting The Sick 2

Dua When Visiting The Sick 2

and many more….

For full details please contact us.

Advanced Classes

We have a number of Advanced for senior students, for more information please contact the office.