Imam Ahmad b. Isa

Imam Ahmad b. Isa al Muhajjir ilAllah radiAllahu anhu wa nafan Allah bihi fid darayn

The Ba Alawi’ are one of the most well known descendants of the Noble Messenger of Allah ﷺ  through His ﷺ noble grandson Imam al-Husayn ibn Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (Allah is pleased with them all). They (Ba Alawi) are known to be great Gnostics and their scholarship is second to none.The Ba Alawi Sharifs of Hadramawt descend from the noble and pure grandson of the Prophet ﷺ, Imam Husayn b. Imam Ali b Abi Talib alayhimus salaam.

The ancestor of the Ba Alawi Sa’dah, Imam Ahmad b. Isa radiAllahu anhu was born in Basrah, Iraq in the year 273AH, and due to the upheaval their, he migrated for the sake of Allah Ta’ala and eventually settled in Hadramawat, it is for this reason, Imam Ahmad b. Isa radiAllahu anhu came to known as ‘al Muhajjir ilAllah’.

Imam Ahmad b. Isa al Muhajjir radiAllahu anhu was a contemporary of the great Imam Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari radiAllahu anhu was held in great esteem by him. Imam Ahmad b. Isa radiAllahu was a Mujtahid Imam who also had his own Musnad. Once he arrived in the blessed city of Hadramawt, he spread the true teachings of the Prophet ﷺ. At the time the Imam arrived, the khawarij/Ibadiyya sect were prominent causing mischief and false beliefs in Islam, the Imam radiAllahu anhu began teaching and through his talks, guidance and struggles he cleared the misconceptions that had crept into the region and taught the blessed pure religion in its pure and original form.

It is after the struggles of the Imam radiAllahu anhu, that through his blessings the inhabitants became adherents of the Shafi’i fiqh and followers of the Ash’ari creed (Ahlus Sunnah).


Imam Ahmad b. Isa radiAllahu anhu, was not only a scholar of the highest regard, but a spiritual master of both inward and outward sciences. He was an unparalleled Imam of his time, having mastered Sharia, Tariqa and Haqiqa and it is through him that the house the Ba Alawi descendants have until today, become masters in their own rights.

The Imam worked tirelessly all his life, having dispensed the Muhammadan ﷺ Sharia to the masses, the light of which has reached all corners of the world. His descendants became amongst the greatest of scholars and Gnostics to ever walk the earth.

Imam Abdullah b. Alawi al Haddad radiAllahu anhu once said, ‘The graveyard of Bisha’ar has over one hundred thousand saints resting there, and all of them are from the Sad’ah Ba Alawi lineage’ and another time, the great Imam stated: ‘In every time there will be scholars and saints (to guide the people) from the House of the Sad’ah Ba Alawi until the end of time.’ These are the Prophets descendants and spiritual inheritors who all came from the Master, Imam Ahmad b. Isa al Muhajjir radiAllahu anhu, and this is sufficient to know who this great man of Allah was, we ask Allah Ta’ala to bless us and make us benefit from the Bani Alawi masters in this world and the next ameen.

Imam Ahmad b. Isa radiAllahu anhu left this temporal world in the year 345AH leaving behind a matchless legacy that until today, shines brightly and has changed the hearts of millions all across the world.

We beg Allah, to rectify out affairs in this world and the next, to grant us  all the good that The Prophet ﷺ asked for and we seek protection from all harm and evil that the Prophet ﷺ asked for. May we remain under the Noble Gazes of Sayyidul Khalq ﷺ in both worlds, and may we raise on the last day, in the company of Imam Ahmad b. Isa al Muhajjir ilal’Allah in the presence of the Best of creation, Sayyidina ﷺ, bila mehnat wa’la imtihaan fi khayr, lutf karam wal aafiyah ameen al Fatiha.