Imam Faqih al Muqaddam

Imam Faqih al Muqaddam, is one of the greatest masters of the Bani Alawi Sa’dah. He is commonly known as the ‘Father of the Ba Alawi’ and ‘Al Ustadh al Azam’. The great Imam was born in Tarim, Yemen in the year 574AH, memorising the entire Qur’an and mastering the Islamic sciences at a young age, eventually reaching the level of ‘Mujtahid’ and surpassing his contemporaries in both the outward and inward sciences. 

He became a spiritual sun and towered over the saints of his time, surpassing all of them in rank and spiritual openings. He became the Spiritual Pole of his time and his contemporaries knew of his immense proximity of his Lord.

Imam Faqih al Muqaddam radiAllahu anhu received the spiritual station of the Ghawth (Spiritual Pole) from the Spiritual Master and Ghawth, Sayyiduna Abu Madyan Shuayb radiAllahu anhu who had received it from Sayyiduna Ghawth al Azam Shaykh Abd al Qadir al Jilani radiAllahu anhu.

Imam Faqih al Muqaddam radiAllahu anhu is known as the Father of the Ba Alawi Sayyids, and his status is such that the great Imam Abdullah b. Alawi al Haddad radiAllahu anhu said: ‘We do not give anybody precedence over Imam Faqih al Muqaddam except those who have been mentioned by Allah Ta’ala and His Beloved Messenger ﷺ.’

Imam Faqih al Muqaddam radiAllahu anhu was a master in every science of Islam, people would flock to him to seek knowledge, blessings and advice. He was matchless in every aspect, reflecting the Muhammadan ﷺ character both inwardly and outwardly. The perfected manifestation of Islam shone from him; the masses found solace, comfort, Knowledge, Light and all that is good in his presence, whilst the Gnostics found strength and increase in their Gnosis in his presence.

Imam Abdullah b. Alawi b. Muhammad al Haddad radiAllahu anhu said; ‘His (Imam Faqih al Muqaddam radiAllahu anhu) state at the beginning of his path was like the state of his contemporaries at the end of their path.”

The Noble Imam radiAllahu anhu left this temporal world in the year 653AH yet his blessings, knowledge, secret and light is still manifest today, in the millions of Bani Alawi followers all across the world. 

Allah Ta’ala unite us with him and raise us with him on the last day and may we always remain under his gazes in both worlds and may we be granted a place in Jannah next to him, for the sake of the immense rank of the Imam’s Noble and Pure Grandfather Sayyiduna Rasulullah ﷺ ameen al Fatiha