Saif ul Mulook was written by one of the great Sufis of Kashmir namely Mian Muhammad Baksh radiAllahu anhu. Mian Sahib radiAllahu anhu was born in the year 1246 AH (1830). It is stated he completed the Saif ul Mulook in Ramadan in the year 1279 AH at 33 years of age. He was a Sufi and is known today as Rumi-e-Kashmir and Arif e Kharri, meaning the ‘Imam Jalal ud DIn Rumi radiAllahu anhu of Kashmir and the Knower (of Allah) in Kharri. Kharri Sharif is the place of the noble resting place of Hazrat Mian Muhammad Baksh radiAllahu anhu in Azad Kashmir.
Saif ul Mulook has many verses and is full of deep insight into many topics. It is a thought provoking collection of verses penned in a most eloquent form that resonates with those who understand it. It is primarily written in the Potwari language in its original form, hence to translate it is a difficult task.
Mian Muhammad Baksh radiAllahu anhu was a Sufi and a man of great wisdom and knowledge, and this is reflected in his poetry. The Saif ul Mulook is recited in gatherings all across the world and enjoyed by millions, even by those whose first language is not Potwari; this itself is testament to its acceptance in the court of Allah Ta’ala and His Beloved Prophet ﷺ.
Allah Ta’ala bless Hazrat Mian Muhammad Baksh radiAllahu anhu, elevate them and reward them immensely on behalf of the Ummah. May we receive the light, secret and knowledge hidden within each verse and through its blessings may we receive a good ending in the City of Light ﷺ.  Ameen al Fatiha
Some verses have been translated, and we hope to add more to this soon.
Saif ul Mulook (Selected Verses)
اول حمد ثنا الہی تے جو مالک ہر ہر دا
اس دا نام چتارن والا کسے میدان نا ہردا
First, (I begin) with the Praise of Allah, the King (owner) of each and every thing,
The one who remembers His (Exalted) Name, never fails in any territory (he steps in) 
رحمت دا دریا الہی تے ہر دم وگدا تیرا
جے اک قطرہ بخشیں مینوں کم بن جاندا میرا
The waves of the ocean of Your Mercy Oh Lord, are always gushing forth constantly,
If Your bestow upon me a single drop, then surely I shall be amongst the most fortunate.
اپ مکانوں خالی اس تھیں کویی مکان نا خالی
ہر ویلے ہر چیز محمد تے رکھدا نت سننبھالی
He is free of any place Himself, but no dwelling is free of Him,
All time, all things, Muhammad (Baksh), He keeps well maintained.
واہ کریم امت دا والی ہو تے مھر شفاعت کردا
جبراییل جے جسدے چاکر تے نبیاں دا سرکردا

O What a Generous Guardian ﷺ of the Muslim Ummah, whom He loves and intercedes for,
The likes of (Sayyiduna) Jibraeel (alayhi salaam) are in His ﷺ service, (He ﷺ) is the leader of all Prophets.

رحمت دا مینہ پاخدایا تے با غ سکا کر ہریا
بوٹا آس امید میری دا کرے دے میوے بھریا
Grant us the dew drops of Mercy, make the dry barren garden lush and green,
Let (now) the flower of my hopes and yearning bear (beautiful) fruits.
جھل جھل بھار نا ہاریں ہمت تو ہک دن پھرسی پاسا
بھکا منگن چڑے محمد اوڑک بھر د کاسا
Repeatedly taking the blows of loss, don’t lose hope (for) one day the tide will change,
When a needy one begs O Muhammad (Baksh), he eventually fills his vessel.
ریت وجود تیرے وچ سونا تے اویں نطر نا اویں
ھنجوں دا ہتھ پانی دوھویں تے ریت مٹی روڑھ جاوے
This clay form of yours conceals gold which cannot be seen,
Until it is cleansed with the shedding of your tears like the washing of dirt (with water)
تے جیون جیون جھوٹا نانواں موت کھلی سر اتے
لکھ کڑوڑ تیرے تھیں سونے خاک اندر رل ستے
Life is an illusion and death is hoovering overhead,
Tens of millions more beautiful than you, are sleeping below the soil.
جنہا عشق خرید نہ کیتا ایویں اَ بگتّے
عشقے باہجھ محمد بخشآ کیا ادم؟ کیا کتّے
The one who does not possess (Divine) love, is hopeless,
For without love O Muhammad Baksh, what (difference is there between) man and dogs?
ہوے نصیب نبی دا کلمہ دین قبول محمد
لا الہ الا اللہ سچ رسول محمد
(O Lord), may we receive the testimony of faith, we accept (completely) the religion of (Sayyiduna Muhammad ﷺ),
There is no god by Allah, (and) True is Muhammad the Beloved Messenger of Allah.


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