Pride is the opposite of Faith
Imam Abd al-Wahab al Sharani radiAllahu anhu
Pride is opposite to faith (Imaan) How can you claim to be from the believers while you seek the qualities of the arrogant like praying on a raised platform and walking on decorated floors in the masjid with people?. Sometimes you enter the masjid and say at the prayer time, where is the prayer mat?. If you were from the people of divine presence, you would not even notice the prayer mat nor the people.
Travelling on the spiritual path has now become replete with arrogance, pride, claims, white robes, large turbans, and similar things which are from the characteristics of the arrogant. By my life, have you ever seen a runaway slave, whose escape from the king became prolonged or he was angry at the king, and then he calls to come before the king, will he occupy himself with rolling out the prayer mat? Reflect on this, all of this, is from the actions of those who are veiled and heedless.
How can such a person guide [people] to Allah when he does not know the way to the door?. Understand this and beware of following the path of those who [falsely] display themselves as spiritual guides. They cannot guide you except to the path of destruction and lack of adab with Allah.
We ask Allah to bless us with provisions and not burden us with what is unattainable. If the one who is a spiritual guide, was not able to find bread after a day or two, he would not bother about his prayer mat, nor would he say to the people, `come to me I will teach you dhikr and take me as your teacher. But when he found bread and food he became arrogant, made claims and became a shaykh, ‘Verily man exceeds all boundaries, when he thinks he is self sufficient’. Allah guides whomever He wills to whatever He wills.

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  • Waqar
    Posted 19 December 2020 17:32 1Likes

    Allah! So true but so sad.
    Allah taala rectify our states and purify our intentions ameen

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