Knowledge of the Gnostics
All the knowledge that the creation possess is not equivalent to a single drop from the ocean (of knowledge) of the Gnostics (Awliyaa*).
Before this knowledge (of the batin**) was unveiled to me, I used to think that knowledge is only that which is apparent (Zahiri***) and has been transmitted through verbal discourse until Allah Ta’ala granted me the openings of the inner meanings of certain verses of the Qur’an and Hadith, and from this I came to realise that those who have been given knowledge of the apparent (Zahir), their knowledge compared to that of the Gnostics is like a single drop in comparison to the encompassing ocean, and all Praise is for Allah; ‘And of knowledge, you (mankind) have been given only a little.’ -Quran 17:85

There is a subtle indication of this (batini knowledge) in the saying of the commander of the faithful, Sayyiduna Imam Ali b, Abi Talib alayhi salaam: ‘Such knowledge can be taken from the letter ‘Ba’ of Bismillah, that would burden a camel carrying the weight of it’
-Al Qutb Imam Abd al Wahab al Sharani radiAllahu anhu ❤

*Awliyaa- Saints, Friends of Allah, Gnostics
**Batini/Batin- Inward or spiritual.
***Zahiri/Zahir- Outward or apparent


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