From the sayings of Al Qutb Habib Ahmad Mashhur al Haddad radiAllahu anhu


‘Every person has a constant enemy by their side, which whispers, misleads and diverts them from that which is good, yet despite this, they also possess a great weapon to defend themselves with, and that is the remembrance of Allah Ta’ala.

Remembrance of Allah is light on the tongue and heavy on the scales. The Beloved Prophet said: ‘There are two words which are dear to the Most Merciful, light (easy) for the tongue, but heavy in weight upon the Scale. They are: “Subhan Allah wa-bi hamdihi” and “Subhan Allah Al-Azeem” (Glory be to Allah and praise be to Him, Glory be to Allah, the Almighty).

There is such a tremendous reward for just two words, loved by the Most Merciful. If He loves these words from you, He loves you, and when He loves you, He showers you with goodness, and you are thus counted amongst those who are beloved to Him ﷻ.’


  • Adham
    Posted 21 December 2023 01:54 31Likes

    SubhanAllah! ♥️

  • Muhammad Ali
    Posted 21 December 2023 01:50 5Likes

    SuhbanAllah beautiful

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