Disobeying ones parents

Four things occur as a result of disobeying ones parents*. The first of these is that the world detests and forsakes him. The second is the hearts of the people are diverted away from what he utters for the light of his speech is removed by Allah (Exalted is He) and therefore he becomes one who is loathed by them.

The third (result of his disobedience) is that the Ahl al Diwan** do not look upon him with mercy and do not show empathy towards him. The forth is that the light of his Imaan (faith) will decrease gradually, and it will continue to dwindle.

If Allah desires a person damnation-Allah protect us and watch over us- this continues to decrease until the light of his faith is extinguished and he dies a disbeliever- we seek the Protection of Allah Ta’ala from this! But if Allah (Exalted is He) has not willed damnation, then such a person dies with weak and low faith; Allah (Exalted is He) protect us from such consequences.

-Sayyiduna Shaykh Umar al Hawwa’ri radiAllahu anhu


Sayyiduna Shaykh Umar al Hawwa’ri radiAllahu anhu  was the Shaykh of Al Ghawth Sayyiduna Abd al Aziz al-Dabbagh radiAllahu anhu. The photo above is the resting place of Al Ghawth Sayyiduna Abd al Aziz al Dabbagh radiAllahu anhu in Fez, Morocco.

*It goes without saying a Muslim cannot obey parents or anyone else if they ask them to break the Sharia or the law of the country. 

**Ahl al Diwan are a special group of Friends of Allah/Gnostics of the highest order.


  • Usman
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    Allah Hu Akbar!
    Ameen Ya Rab

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  • Muhammad Ali
    Posted 9 June 2021 00:26 24Likes

    SubhanAllah Allah Ta’ala protect us from such evil actions Ameen ya Kareem

  • Adham
    Posted 9 June 2021 00:04 13Likes

    SubhanAllah! Ameen Ya rab

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