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Who Are We?

Dar al Zahra Education has been serving the local community since 2016, providing a range of classes including Tajweed, Quran memorisation (Hifdh), Seerah, Fiqh, Aqidah, Arabic Language and more. We currently have six permanent teachers who are fully qualified and have several locum teachers.


Our Story…

Dar al Zahra Education is unique in many ways. After teaching in several ‘Madaris’ which were part of a Masjid, we saw a need for a dedicated Madrassa which solely concentrated on teaching the Quran and Sunnah in a manner which was a reflection of the true Muhammadan ﷺ way, with the correct tajweed, friendly and safe environment in which students can achieve their best and would enjoy attending.

Allah (Exalted and Generous is He) blessed us with a beautiful building which was fully refurbished to an excellent standard. The brothers worked hard day and night to ensure everything was done to the best of their abilities and the fruits of their pure intentions and their hard work is being witnessed today. All Praise and Thanks to Allah (Exalted and Generous is He) and The Noble Prophet ﷺ.

After completion of the work, we opened applications for students to enrol and by the Grace of Allah (Exlated and Genrous is He), in a short space of time, all spaces were allocated and a waiting list then started for students who wished to enrol at Dar al Zahra Education.

It has now been three years (2019) since we have been providing Quran classes and Islamic Education and expect our first group of Hufaaz to graduate at the end of this year InshaAllah Ta’ala.

Safe and Secure…

Every child should feel safe and secure at all times and the safety of our students and staff is paramount, this is why all of our staff have an Enhanced DBS check done before they are employed. The entire building is covered with CCTV both inside and outside, we have security doors with access control and have a no parking policy in force outside the Madrassa during class times.

We have several policies in place to ensure the safety of all, these include but are not limited to, Safeguarding, Bullying, Behaviour and many more.

All our staff are Level 3 First Aid Trained. They also have teacher training and behaviour management training which is always ongoing.

We currently have three Designated Safeguarding Leads at the Madrassa who easily accessible at any time, if there is a child welfare concern or even if a student or child would like to address any concerns.

What Parents & Kids Think About us?

To be true, we’ve never received a single bad review, ever! Our track record seems for its self, children love attending our Madrassa and our full capacity says it all!

Not only do we teach Quran and Islamic studies, but we make it fun! We use several ways to make learning interesting, including using projectors for slide shows, watching Islamic films (occasionally) and after discussing the film, Islamic quizzes and much more.

If you’re still unsure, why not contact us and ask about our FREE trial week and see how you find it? If you are still not satisfied, no problem! But we would love to hear how we can improve our service! 🙂 call us now on 0121-213-1246!

Our Testimonials

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Firmino Role

posted on Google Review

Mashallah, Outstanding Madrassa in which high-quality teaching and support is provided by exceptional teachers. Children are able to thrive and flourish in the Deen due to learning being made enjoyable. This Madrassa is unparalleled in teaching and Education.

Safar Mahmood

posted on Google Review

This is the best Madrasah in the West Midlands. It has the most amazing teachers in the world. I thank Allah for sending me to such a blessed masjid with amazing, lovable teachers.

Z Hussain

posted on Google Review

Tonight I had the privilege of attending this masjid with a friend to pray Salatul Taraweeh. I was blown away in awe and amazement. To briefly describe my visit, on entering it I immediately smelt a lovely continuous following scent, which made me feel as if i had just entered heaven. As I later followed the Imam in prayer, his voice transported me spiritually to the Haraam Shareef in Saudi Arabia. On prostrating to Allah, I could smell the ground of the masjid’s carpet engulfed in the most beautiful OUD scent I have ever smelt and before leaving the masjid as I inspected all the decor I was surprised that I could not find an ounce of a fault. To conclude, I personally believe this to be the best masjid I have ever been to in the United Kingdom. The Majid was faultless, the staff were great and this experience will remain with me forever. May Allah Almighty allow this masjid to excel, expand and may its name reach to the four parts of this world. Ameen.